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Current Employment and Internship Opportunities

90+ day Yoga Internship - Spring and Summer 2015 or 2016

Necessary Skills

  • Lead yoga program for the Coastal Institute students (surf students from Costa Rica Surf Institute and Spanish students from Coastal Spanish Institute)
  • Contribute to the wellness and fitness of our students b leading safe, professional and comprehensive yoga classes four nights a week in our outdoor studio
  • Clean, care for and store mats and other equipment
  • Encourage new students to join the yoga program and motivate current students to continue attending classes
  • Respond to questions, comments and concerns in a timely and professional manner
  • Manage payments and schedule


  • 1+ years Yoga instructor experience
  • CPR certification and liability insurance are required
  • A desire to work with yoga students of all ages and ability levels
  • A positive attitude!


  • Accommodation in our shared student apartments on campus
  • Free Spanish classes weekly

Want to apply?

Please provide a resume, photos, a letter of recommendation and a one page cover letter to

Six Week Surf Internship - Spring and Summer 2015 or 2016

Necessary Skills

  • Advanced familiarity with digital and social media marketing including:
    • Use of Facebook and fanpages
    • Use of Twitter
    • Familiarity with generating and interpreting web analytics
    • Strong writing skills (writing sample required)
    • Strong visual media skills (video and photo)
    • Experience using digital video editor (final cut, adobe premiere etc)

Day to day responsibilities

  • Facilitate a positive environment on campus and online by
    • Greeting new students
    • Acting as liaison between students and staff
    • Organizing and participating in activities
    • Helping staff manage schedules
    • Posting photos and updates of current students online
    • Helping staff care for and keep track of equipment
  • Maintain strong online presence for CRSI by
    • Making mobile photo uploads daily to Facebook and Twitter
    • Managing all CRSI social media accounts
    • Adding surf terms to glossary

Week to week responsibilities

  • Foster a positive and exciting online presence for past and current students by:
    • Filming and editing short videos of each s students
    • Making posts from the vault(repost popular posts from the past)
    • Taking and posting photos of each weeks students to CRSI Facebook Fan Page
    • Taking high resolution photos for website of surf lessons, campus and accommodation
    • Making one blog post per week from list of topics provided by CRSI

Want to apply?

Please provide a resume, and a one page cover letter to