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Guanacaste Surf Spots

Intermediate and Advanced Breaks in the Tamarindo Area

Tamarindo is known as one of the most famous destination for surfers of all levels. While Tamarindo offers small waves for beginners, other nearby beaches can offer some of the best waves in the country. With the Advanced Surf Tours package you will enjoy the beautiful town of Tamarindo while exploring other world-class surf destinations in the area.

Playa Grande

Big barrel at Playa Grande Costa Rica

Located 4km to the North of Tamarindo Bay, Playa Grande is a famous site for Leatherback Turtles and surfers alike. A 30-40 min walk along the beach or a 25 min drive from Tamarindo will bring you to the main peak of Playa Grande located right in front of the Las Tortugas Hotel. Playa Grandeís unique southerly angle allows for some of the most powerful and consistent surf in the Guanacaste Peninsula. A series of rock formations offshore redirects swell and creates long, powerful A-frames up and down this remote stretch of beach. The wave is for intermediate to advanced surfers due to the powerful waves and often-crowded line-up.

Langosta Rivermouth

Rivermouth surf Playa langosta Costa Rica

Just to the South of Tamarindo is the laid back town of Langosta. Only a short 10 min bike ride from Tamarindo, the Langosta Rivermouth is a fast, powerful wave that breaks over a series of swallow rocks. On medium to large swells, a fast powerful outside wall will connect to a makeable left and right barrels on the inside. This wave often attracts experienced surfers who want to escape the beginners Mecca of Tamarindo. Due to the rocky bottom, tight crowds, and powerful waves, Langosta Rivermouth is reserved for intermediate to advanced surfers.


Big surf capetown langosta costa rica

Just to the South of the Langosta Rivermouth is the secluded strip of beach known as Capetown. When most other spots are small and closed out during low tide, Capetown comes to life with powerful, barreling lefts and rights. The main peak at Capetown is about 500 meters to the South of the river and is recognizable by a large rock that is revealed at low tide. While this may be the best spot, quality waves can be found throughout. With its powerful waves, uncrowded peaks, and sand bottom, Capetown is reserved for intermediate surfers.


Big barrel at Playa Avellanas Costa Rica

Moving South from Langosta is the beautiful beach known as Avellanas. Many surfers love the quick 25 min drive to Avellanas for its long stretch of secluded beach with several different peaks. When pulling into the main parking lot next to Lolaís Bar (named after a large pig named Lola that is often spotted in the water) a quality left-peeling wave is immediately out front which has been compared to Indonesia on big south swells. Moving north along the beach, many surfers will surf Willows, named for a giant Willow tree emerging from the sand. This spot is known for producing powerful A-frame peaks on South and North swells. Moving 200 meters to the North of Willows is the famous rivermouth, which is known for fast, barreling rights that can hold overhead swell. Many advanced surfers will come here to test their barrel riding skills. Crossing the rivermouth will bring you to Little Hawaii, which is rumored to be one of the best big wave spots in the Guanacaste Peninsula. The wave breaks out far over a rock/reef structure and can hold swell up to 15-20 feet! Due to the variety of breaks, quality waves, and spread out line-up, Avellanas is for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Playa Negra

Big barrel at Marbella Costa Rica

Just to the South of Avellanas is Playa Negra, a fast, barreling right that comes to life on West and Northwest swells. This spot breaks over a shallow rock formation that bends the wave towards the beach and produces some of the best barrels in Costa Rica. This spot is heavily localized and only comes to life on the correct swell so when itís good, expect a crowd. Due to its remoteness, Playa Negra is also know for petty thievery so beware of what you leave in the car. Because of its rock bottom, fast, barreling wave, and strong local vibe, Playa Negra is reserved for advanced surfers only.


Big barrel at Marbella Costa Rica

Moving south from Playa Negra is the beautiful black sand beach of Marbella. Located about an hours drive from Tamarindo, Marbella is a localís secret that can produces some of the heaviest, thumping beachbreak barrels in Costa Rica. A rock/reef formation 500meters offshore redirects swell and creats powerful peaks up and down the beach. Due to its recent popularity, many surfers are retreating to Marbella for some of the best waves in the country. There are no signs to Marbella so if you are not familiar with the area, it is almost impossible to find. Due to its heavy barrels over shallow sand with local crowds, Marbella is reserved for advanced surfers only.