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CRSI Testimonials and Reviews

Danny Van Der Steeg, 23, Holland, Student

"Alex, thanks for turning me into a better surfer than you! See you, sometime somewhere in the world!"

Chris Cook, 24, Texas, Student

"I enjoyed learning to surf, being in a beautiful ocean and visiting fantastic beaches. Tuanis tuanis tranquilo pura vida tuanis mae!!! Estamos cerca!"

Audrey Morton, 21, Washington, Photographer

"I loved the student apartments, cooking classes, surfing, excursions, fishing, other students. In all I had a wonderful time and learned a lot of Spanish and surfing."

Sarah Bucko, 21, Washington, Nurse

"Surfing is fun, I loved it, it was a really fun new experience. I was a bit scared at first but Alex and the other instructors had me up on waves in no time"

Blake Maddox, 18, Florida, Student

"Get Pitted! Video instruction was really good, Very nice and polite instructors, very knowledgeable. Alex helped me improve my surfing, it is great to learn how waves are working."

Video Interviews

20, January 2011 Adam Glassman

10, November 2010 Cinthya Paulauskas